DocAfrika International

since 2008


Since 2008, we have been supporting projects worldwide. The idea originated as far back as 2005, with the goal to bring medical support to rural areas in Africa. Quickly, through our network, we learned about other great initiatives all around the globe. From there on, the name remained the same, but our reach got much bigger.

We work closely with our local partner, most of whom we have long-running relationships with.


Welcome to DocAfrika International e.V.

We make sure every little helps! 100% of all donation go straight to the local projects.


War, terror and famine are forcing even more people worldwide to seek refuge in other countries. Thousands have also come to Munich over the last couple of weeks and months. Even a city like ours is struggling to take care of them, so we are doing everything we can to help out.

If you also want to help the refugees, just contact us for ways you can become active. Thanks!